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Puerto Rico Rainforest Tour

The El Yunque Rainforest Tour is also known as the Puerto Rico Rainforest Tour which includes a leisurely visit to the El Yungue Rainforest where visitors will be able to explore the very best of nature trails and waterfalls such as the La Coca Waterfall along with scenic views including the habitat of the sub-tropical rainforest with its marvelous wildlife and plant life. El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico is the only tropical rainforest in the entire American National Parks System. Rainfall well exceeds over 200 inches annually in some areas here to give it its tropical characteristics.

This is half day trip that may be approximately taking 5 hours with the schedule starting time, from the San Juan Hotel being at 9:00am. From other hotels, the scheduled departure and arrival time for the El Yunque Tour will be arranged in accordance to the group's characteristics such as number of people, purpose of visit and other requirements. The tours costs $57.00 + 7% Tax including entrance fees, transportation, tour guidance and a bottle of water for each visitor. Hire Go Tours Puerto Rico, for hassle free El Yunque Puerto Rico Tours

About The Tour:
El Yunque Tour includes over 240 species of wildlife and plants along with streams, waterfalls, and hiking trails. The visitors will be able to sight-see tree orchids, wild flowers, giant ferns, tropical hardwoods, and some spectacular scenic beauty of the northeast coast of Puerto Rico. The visions are enticing to the eyes of all its visitors so it’s a good idea to carry cameras to trap enchanting memories of Puerto Rican wilderness and the native towns and villages. An ancient Indian legend states that an Indian spirit of goodwill reigned over the mountains protecting the place and its people known as "Yuquiyu".

The main places of visit include:

Mina Hike Trail: ‘La Mina’ Hiking Trail is a beautiful way to explore the rainforest on foot and features some wonderful wildlife. A lot of visitors are fond of this hiking activity in these parts of the rainforest so, the trail is always secured.

Yokahu Observation Tower: The tower can be visited from the North entrance of the rainforest and is lead through a winding road. The road is paved and takes around 25 minutes to the observation tower where visitors can witness wonderful vistas of the Puerto Rican rainforest as well as the Northeastern part of Puerto Rico Island.

La Coca Waterfall: Please note that in this tour visitors are not allowed to swim in theses waterfalls but can indulge in the scenic beauty through photography. It is a marvel of sorts to see the waterfall surrounded by luscious tropical rainforest against the huge slabs of stones that ornament the waterfall.

Baņo Grande: This is a large bathing whole which was built during the times of The Depression in the 1930s. It was built by cutting through a damn from the La Mina river. This pool is 18 feet deep and is surrounded by cobblestones. Visitors can swim here if they wish to, so can carry a bathing suit for a nice refreshing dip.

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