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The Bio Bay Kayak Tour

VIP Tours & Transportation Company offers premium tour packages that include Bio Bay Kayak Tour, Snorkeling in the 50ft Catamaran, Rainforest El Yunque & Fajardo Tours in Puerto Rico. The tours are guided by professionals who are trained and experienced to facilitate visitors to explore the history, culture and natural beauty of Puerto Rico. While the guides are highly qualified for their profession and are friendly by nature and would love to answer all the visitor's queries, the drivers of the tour buses and vans are highly trained and have equally great knowledge about Puerto Rico and are able to meet the highest standards of a quality tour.

These tours require a minimum number of a group consisting of 10 passengers, at least. It includes a calm and leisurely paddle in picturesque. Bioluminescent Lagoon. The next destination is Fajardo, located on the eastern part of the Puerto Rican island. Visitors get to explore the secluded coves and quiet inlets, sometimes getting the rare view of wildlife.

The guides will also show the glowing effect of the biochemical process possible due the controlled enzymes called "Dinoflajelate" where microorganisms result a luminous effect from energy sources directed to molecules in the water system acting as a catalytic agent reducing the amount of energy needed to control the bioluminescent reaction.

This tour costs $85.00 + 7% Tax per person and the scheduled time of departure is 8 am from the San Juan Hotel however, the departure and arrival times may differ depending upon the visitors' hotel. The tour lasts for 6 hours approximately and includes transportation, guided tour and a bottle of water.

Snorkeling & Bio Bay Kayak Tour

Visitors can explore the stunning inhabited cays of ikakos and palomino close to the town of Fajardo. This tour along with the sight-seeing includes snacks for the whole day, unlimited soft drinks, pina colada and rum punch as refreshments, along with an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch, and free snorkeling with provisions for sailing in the 50ft Catamaran.

Rainforest / Beach & Bio Bay Kayak

This tour is El Yunque Rainforest Tour combined with a visit to the picturesque Luquillo Beach and Bio-Bay.

The El Yunque Rainforest Tour is also known as the Puerto Rico Rainforest Tour which includes a leisurely visit to the El Yungue Rainforest where visitors will be able to explore the very best of nature trails and waterfalls such as the La Coca Waterfall along with scenic views including the habitat of the sub-tropical rainforest with its marvelous wildlife and plant life. El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico is the only tropical rainforest in the entire American National Parks System. Rainfall well exceeds over 200 inches annually in some areas here to give it its tropical characteristics.








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